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4 Delicious, Simple Chicken Recipes For Your Summer BBQ

It has recently overtaken sausages to become the UK’s second favourite BBQ meat. That’s right, there’s no getting away from it - chicken is in fashion.

There’s no wonder why, either - it’s protein-packed, healthy and filling, and can be used in an endless number of ways. Not only this, but it’s the perfect summer meat for the hot(ter) months ahead.

In its honour, we’ve put together FOUR scrumptious ways it can be used on your barbecue.

Starting in the oven and finishing over the hot coals of the BBQ, get ready to do some marinating and impress your friends with our simple step-by-step recipes!

Homemade Ketchup Marinade Chicken

There’s not much ketchup doesn’t go with.

Rest assured, it also works amazingly as a marinade. Especially when when paired with chicken and grilled over some hot coals. Oh yes.

Mexican Chicken Burgers

Out with yesterday’s meat, in with today’s.

You can’t beat a burger, but how do you make it healthier and tastier? By swapping the beef out for some chicken. But not any old chicken, oh no, we’re talking about our Heritage Mexican Chicken Burgers.

Sticky BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Sticky, marinated, bitesize goodness.

The only bad thing about our Heritage Sticky BBQ Chicken is how quick it disappears the very second you take it off the barbecue. Pull out all the stops to save yourself some - because your guests will love them.

Brazilian BBQ Grilled Chicken

Take some inspiration from Brazil for your next barbecued chicken recipe - the sight and smell of the sizzling garlic and lemon will have your guests drooling.

We think we’ve covered all bases with this diverse selection of BBQ-friendly chicken recipes. Think we’ve missed any, though? Let us know!

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