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4 easy ways to eat blackberries this autumn

It’s the season for blackberries, and we couldn’t be happier.

Not only do blackberries taste yummy, they also have a ton of benefits: they’re rich in Vitamin C, high in antioxidants and can help your muscles to relax - to name but a few!

Oh, yes - we could all do with a bit more of this beloved berry in our life. Here are some easy ways to enjoy them this autumn and beyond. 

1) Blackberry Jam

Getting out of bed on a Monday morning is always a little hard - but blackberry jam serves up a great incentive. Light, delicious and tasty on toast, it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up and very easy to make, too! All you need are Heritage blackberries and sugar - and a sweet tooth, of course.

2) Blackberry Crumble 

Crumbles are perfect for cosy autumn nights in - particularly with a little, berrylicious zing. They’re simple to make, easy to keep fresh and provide the ideal solution for using up those leftover blackberries.

Got the crumble down? Have a crack at our apple pie recipe, too - all you have to do is add 150g Heritage blackberries for a berry twist, and couple with…

3) Blackberry Ice Cream

Sure, sure - it’s not the season of ice cream, anymore. But you can hardly say no to blackberry ice cream, particularly when dished up with a hot pudding.

To make: Heat 450ml Heritage double cream in a saucepan with 150g sugar until the sugar’s dissolved, then throw the mix in a blender along with 200g milk and about 200g Heritage blackberries. Whizz it around until it’s fully blended, then pour into a container and leave in your freezer overnight. Easy, right?

4) Berry Smoothie 

Brighten up those dark mornings with a colourful berry smoothie. All you need are a ton of your favourite fruits (*cough*, blackberries) and a food processor. Check out our recipe for precise measurements!

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