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Christmas chocolate treats

Celebrate the launch of the new Heritage chocolate range with these irresistable choccie recipes.

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant

The whole family will love this warming winter dessert.

Chocolate muffins

Chocolate muffins

Having a baking day on a cold winter’s night? These chocolate muffins might be super easy to make, but they’re also super delicious. 

Easy Yule log

Yule log

Yule won’t want to miss this festive treat out of your Christmas traditions! Great for a centrepiece at a party, too. 

Easy white chocolate fudge

White chocolate fudge

For white chocolate fans, this quick fudge recipe is a homemade delight.

What do you think Santa’s favourite treat it? Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you! 

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