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Easy healthy snacks

It’s tough sticking to a diet with the temptation of crisps, choccie and cake always round the corner! With these delicious healthy snacks, you’ll be able to treat yourself and stay on track with your healthy-eating kick.

Hummus devilled egg

Hummus devilled egg

This tasty snack is super simple to make - cut two hard-boiled eggs in half and remove the yolk. Replace with 2 tsp of low fat hummus. Delicious and filling! 

Cinnamon popcorn

Cinnamon popcorn

Sprinkle ground cinnamon and a little bit of icing sugar on air-popped popcorn for a treat that won’t cost you too many calories. 

Bagel with strawberries

Bagel with strawberries

You can enjoy this treat for breakfast or as a midday snack. Cut a whole-grain bagel in half and spread it with 2 tbsp of ricotta. Top with sliced strawberries and a tsp of honey.

What snack can’t you live without? Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell us how you’re rocking your January diet. 

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