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Nisa prides itself on being one of the best groups in the convenience retail sector so it is always very humbling when it is rewarded for its efforts.

Here are just a few awards that Nisa has recently been crowned with:


  • 2016 - Nisa wins Best Convenience Retailer for Food & Drink to Go at him! Convenience Tracking Programme Awards 2016
  • 2016 - Nisa's Heritage products Heritage Gourmet Sea Salt & West Country Cider Vinegar Handcooked Crisps, Heritage Extra Thick Brandy Cream, Heritage Slightly Salted Spreadable, Heritage Triple Berry Pack, Heritage Oriental Stir Fry, Heritage Assorted Mini Chocolate Delights, Heritage Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce, Heritage Beef Sirloin Steak, Heritage Meat Feast Pizza, Heritage Pantry Mild Cheddar Cheese, Heritage Pantry Orange Juice from Concentrate each win an award at the Wholesale Quality Food Awards
  • 2016 - Heritage Pantry Mild Cheddar wins one of just five Wholesale Quality Food and Drink Gold Awards for the second year running
  • 2016 - Nisa wins Independent Retailer of the Year (3,000 sq ft and over) and Symbol Group Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year at Retail Industry Awards
  • 2016 - At the Retail Industry Awards, Nisa members Malcolm's win Chilled Retailer of the Year and Highly Commended for Independent Retailer of the Year (1,001-2,999 sq ft), Emerson's win Independent Most Sustainable Retailer of the Year and Maclennans achieve Highly Commended for Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year


  • 2015 - Heritage Gourmet Sea Salt and West Country Cider Vinegar Crisps wins Local Shop Winner, Bagged Snacks; Heritage British Rump Steak wins Local Shop Meat Winner; Heritage Pantry Mild Cheddar wins Value Q Local Shop Dairy Winner and the overall Gold Value Winner at the Wholesale Quality Food Awards
  • 2015 - Nisa is awarded Best Symbol Retailer & Best Convenience Retailer for Promotions at him! Convenience Tracking Programme Awards 2016
  • 2015 - Nisa wins Excellence in Community Relations Award at Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards
  • 2015 - Nisa's Banoch Brae Whisky gets Silver Award at International Spirit Awards
  • 2015 - 'Championing independent retail' campaign achieves a Silver Award in the Best Corporate and Business Communications Campaign category at Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards
  • 2015 - Heritage Lancashire wins Best Lancashire Cheese and Heritage Cheshire wins Best Farmhouse White Cheshire, Best Overall Farmhouse Cheshire and Best Block Territorial Cheese at International Cheese Awards
  • 2015 - Nisa's Double Gloucester wins the Silver Award at The Royal Cheshire County Show
  • 2015 - Heritage Red Leicester gets first prize in the Red Leicester category at Great Yorkshire Show


  • 2014 - Nisa wins Environmental Leadership Award at the FDF Awards
  • 2014 - Nisa Retail collected three awards at the CTP awards being crowned Best Overall Convenience Retailer, Best Symbol Group and Best Beers, Wines And Spirits Retailer.
  • 2014 - Heritage Steak Pie achieves Local Shop Winner, Pies award at the Wholesale Quality Food Awards


  • 2013 - Loco wins Best Shopper Experience at 2013 CTP Awards
  • 2013 - Nisa wins Symbol Group of the Year and Most Sustainable Retailer at the Retail Industry Awards.
  • 2013 - Nisa wins Green Supply Chain Initiative of the Year at the Retail Week Supply Chain Awards.
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