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Pairing Food

We know some of our customers are real foodies, but if you’re not, don’t worry… we have you covered! You can find a whole host of exciting flavours and ingredients in our stores; we have compiled some of the best flavour combinations for you to try in your next culinary adventures (and if you don’t fancy the preparation, there is always an array of ready-made, tasty Heritage meal options available)!

Some of the classics:

Carrot and Coriander

A wonderful soup pairing! Something about the sweetness of carrots with that unmistakable flavour of coriander makes for a perfect winter warmer.

Tomato and Basil

Pair tasty, Heritage tomatoes with some fresh basil for a light, fresh salad. The perfect accompaniment to any Italian dish. Throw in some Heritage mozzarella for the ultimate, simple starter. Or, now winter is upon us, try making a quick and tasty batch of warming soup, finished with a swirl of natural yogurt or cream!

Homemade Mezze - a flavour explosion

Combine some of our international flavours for a homemade mezze platter. Take some Heritage olives, houmous and pitta breads to mix with cold meats of your choice and pretend that you are somewhere a little more exotic!
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