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Easy, Quick Recipes and Foodie Inspiration for the Chinese New Year

It’s the year of the pig - and we’re prepared with some simple recipe and foodie suggestions to get in the Chinese New Year spirit!

Planning to celebrate at home, but running short on time? Not to worry - we’re here to save your bacon. These super-tasty suggestions are ready in no time at all.

Don’t forget to add some sides and sauces too for a surefire way to add an extra, oriental kick to your mini Chinese buffet.

Heritage’s Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Egg-fried Rice

Perfectly paired with soy sauce.

The sweet hint of soy complements the sharpness of the black bean sauce - making for a definite tastebud tingler!

The ready meal’s pretty good by itself, but you still want to throw in a couple of extras, finely chopped spring onions and mushrooms are the way to go. Both staples of Chinese cuisine, you’ll be sure to keep to tradition while adding an extra delicious dimension! 

Heritage’s Chinese Chicken Curry with Egg Fried Rice

A scrumptious combo that’ll have you not believing your fortune... This goes great with a bit of spice.

Do you like your meals hot, hot, hot? Add an extra sprinkle of curry powder, chili pepper or five spice, to add a little extra fire to your meal.

Zesty flavours work just as well, too. Lemon, in particular, really compliments both peas and chicken, so after cooking, squeeze a little juice from a lemon wedge over the rice portion to mix it up! This could also work with lime, if you’d prefer.

Crunchy green veg. While you’re jazzing your meal up with some spices, why don’t you throw in a little healthy side, too? Green beans are a Chinese cuisine favourite, and go great with this combo.

Heritage’s Sweet and Sour Chicken with Egg Fried Rice

A quintessential Chinese classic - this goes great with noodles.

Don’t just stick to rice - why not divvy-up some Asian-style noodles, too, and split your ready meal between two?

Chinese Fake-away

Image result for chinese fakeaway nisalocally

If you’ve got a bit more time to spare, and fancy the upgrade from a ready meal to something slightly more homemade, this Chinese fakeaway recipes are healthy to boot.

Chinese New Year Peppers and Black Beans

Image result for chinese new year peppers nisalocally

Peppers and black beans - this recipe brings together two giants of Chinese cuisine.

And boy, is it tasty. Ready in only four steps, bring in the year of the pig with some unbeatable wok action.

Searching for even more Chinese-inspired recipe inspiration? Check out these three scrumptious stir fries - they’re bound to impress your guests!

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