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Guidelines on Charities and Causes


The criteria that is used when considering whether to approve a donation request is set out below.

The charity’s mission is to invest in building stronger local communities. To ensure that you are truly Making a Difference Locally and to comply with the rules set by the charity’s independent Board of Trustees, your requested donation must:

  • Be local to your store (ideally within 10 miles)
  • Be a registered charity OR good cause with a dedicated business bank account (we cannot pay cheques to individuals)
  • The registered charity or good cause must be transparent and accountable – this means that it must be able to confirm what any donation would be used for on request. There are no minimum or maximum turnover restrictions for the charity or cause.

Nominating Charities or Good Causes

MADL makes donations to charities and good causes in the following ways:

  • Via retailers who nominate a charity or good cause local to their store;
  • Via regional charities chosen by Trustees of the charity; and
  • Via nominations received from staff working at Nisa Retail Limited.

MADL administration will ensure that requested donations fit the above criteria and will then pass all requests to the Board of Trustees for their final approval.

Making Donations

We ask that Nisa retailers donate their store’s Making a Difference Locally fund balance regularly, at least once within every twelve month period, to a good cause in their local community. Funds are donated to the charity in good faith that the charity’s independent Board of Trustees will ensure that they reach community causes.

From time to time the Trustees will encourage retailers to make donations from their store’s funds; if regular donations are not made the Trustees are able to make donations on retailers’ behalf.


The charity exists to support and contribute to local communities where independently-run Nisa convenience stores are located. The majority of donations to be made will be to local charities and good causes in the communities retailers serve and will be determined by retailers nominating the charity/good cause.

Some donations will be made to regional charities where the Trustees determine that the donation will be used to build stronger local communities either in one specific location or generally.

The support of local communities via regional charities could encompass many areas including:

  • Environment
  • Compassion
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Education

MADL will not make any donation to the following groups:

  • Any group which is involved in the abuse of human rights;
  • Any group which discriminates on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability or age;
  • Any group which causes harm to animals for the purposes of either entertainment or sport;
  • Any group which has as its main purpose the dissemination of political or religious information;
  • Any group that will spend the funds directly in a Nisa partner's store;
  • Any group that sends its funds out of the UK, even if it is a UK-registered charity.

Registered Charity No 1123800 | Company Registered in England No 6502266