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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

Nisa Retail's gender pay gap report for 2021 produced by Dataplan payroll limited and was published in March 2022.

Pay Data.

Difference in hourly rate

Mean Median
Women's mean hourly rate is 21.9% lower than men's Women's median hourly rate is 29.1% lower than men's

Pay Quartiles

The image below shows the gender distribution at Nisa Retail Limited when colleagues are placed into four equally sized quartiles based on pay.


Proportion of male and female staff in quartiles

Bonus Data.

Bonus Pay Gap

Mean Median
Women's mean bonus pay is 17.8% higher than men's Women's median bonus pay is 950% higher than men's

Proportion of staff receiving a bonus payment


The 2019 Nisa bonus scheme did not pay out and therefore the majority of our colleagues didn’t receive any bonus payments in the qualifying period, only a very small number of our colleagues received a bonus payment which is heavily skewing our result.

Gender Pay Gap Report at 5th April 2021 | Nisa Retail Ltd

Established in 1977, Nisa is an award-winning group that helps independent retailers flourish in the retail market by distributing quality and competitive food and products at scale. With a turnover of more than £1.6 billion and employing approximately 350 direct employees primarily based at our Partner Support Centre in North Lincolnshire, Nisa’s retail strategy is to deliver benefits for more than 1,300 independent retailers (operating more than 6,300 stores nationwide) and help them grow their business in an increasingly competitive convenience retail sector with a full support structure.

In May 2018 the Co-operative Group Ltd completed its acquisition of Nisa Retail Limited. This brings enhanced buying capability, allowing Nisa Partners to trade their businesses in the way they choose, backed by competitive prices and promotions with access to a deeper range including a wide selection of Co-op’s award-winning, high-quality own brand products across all categories.

In July 2021, colleagues employed directly by Nisa Retail Ltd TUPE transferred to the direct employment of the Co-operative Group Ltd. This brings with it a wealth of benefits including alignment to Co-op's pay and reward framework which is open to all colleagues. The transfer has enabled Nisa to benefit from Co-op's inclusive approach to attracting, selecting, hiring, and inducting new colleagues. In 2020, Nisa algined with Co-op's inclusion commitments to which will further aid alignment of targets and measures with respect at work policies and training.

This is the last year that Nisa Retail will publish a Gender Pay Gap Report, as a result of the change in employer to the Co-operative Group Ltd the colleagues formerly employed by Nisa Retail Ltd will be included in the Co-operative Group Ltd from 2022.

A message from Michael Fletcher | Chief Executive Officer

We have seen a reduction in our mean and median gender pay gaps since 2020. The pay quartiles show that we still have more men than women in our more senior roles however the percentage of women in quartile 3 and 4 has increased since 2020, a trajectory we aim to continue.

Colleagues did not receive an annual bonus payment in May 2020, captured in the 2021 pay gap report, this is because Nisa Retail Ltd did not achieve the required scorecard targets. No payments were made from the company bonus scheme, the bonus payments reported on relate to other types of bonus paid.

Our approach to employee reward continue to remain gender neutral by design and we therefore remain confident that any gaps between male and female pay and bonus are driven primarily by the structure of our workforce. On the whole, we continue to have more men in senior roles which commend higher levels of both pay and bonus potential. However, we positively promote equality in all areas of recruitment and retention, as well as offering numerous flexible and hybrid working and family friendly arrangements to strengthen our employee's work-life balance.

Additionally, we are seeking to support women develop the skills and confidence to move into leadership roles, through industry initiatives including our very own Women in Nisa (WIN) network group and the Co-op Women in Wholesale and Grocery Girls, which many of our colleagues (not just women) are participating in. These initiatives aim to provide mentoring opportunities, increased development events and further networking opportunities within the industry.

At Nisa, we see the gender pay gap as part of our overall diversity and inclusion agenda and it is our responsibility as an employer to make sure that we create an inclusive culture. We continue to evolve our ways of working in order to support our decision making and enable an inclusive environment where all colleagues can reach their potential and we look forward to working more closely with Co-op in the future on their founding value to give all members equal rights and equal benefits - which continues to this day: where equality and diversity are key in supporting us to create an inclusive Co-op and achieve a commercial advantage, Click here to read the Co-op Gender Pay Gap report to find out more about our focus areas for 2022.


Michael Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer

Gender Pay Gap Report at 5th April 2021. Published: March 2022. Contact: consumer services for any follow-up questions or information.

We confirm the data reported is accurate. In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Nisa Retail Limited is required to carry out Gender Pay Gap Reporting.

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