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To date, Malcolm’s Stores have donated £12,000 to local good causes.

Malcolm's Stores...

is a family-run business operating over three stores in the Midlands area. The business has been in the Cheema family for over 30 years, and is extremely proactive in the local community.

The stores have also worked in partnership with many organisations including local sports teams, colleges and schools. They provided breakfast for a local school during their SATS exams, and gave away free Twister ice creams to the students at a leaver’s event. They receive great support from local students as a result.

The Elm Tree Avenue store offers a personal shopper and home delivery service for the elderly members of the community.

The store also supports local homeless charities, recently donating £3,000 worth of stock to the Salvation Army and Coventry Cyrenians.

Students from Paul and Pinda’s old school, Woodlands Academy, helped unpack the food, drinks and warm clothing donations from the van. Great community team work!

The stores work closely with the local council, MPs, police and even competing shops to reduce crime and bring about positive change to the community.

More Case Studies

Here are some examples of how MADL makes a difference locally:

  • Pinkie Farm Convenience Store
  • JD Hunter & Co
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