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Bourne Leisure donates over 44,000 Easter treats to good causes

This month saw more than 44,000 Easter eggs and other confectionery distributed to good causes across North and North East Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire ahead of the Easter weekend, following a generous donation from holiday park operator and Nisa partner Bourne Leisure.

With support from colleagues at Nisa, charities to benefit from donations of stock included Bosom Buddies, The Forge Project, Scunthorpe Salvation Army foodbank and Inclusive, amongst others. Bosom Buddies said the treats would be given to local people with cancer who use their meal service, whilst the foodbank highlighted that amongst those to benefit would be a family with four children who had never had Easter chocolate before and would be delighted to receive some of their donated items.

Bourne Leisure donates over 44,000 Easter treats to good causes group picture with stock

The Easter items had previously been earmarked for sale in Haven’s on-site supermarkets, however with holiday parks such as those run by Bourne Leisure unable to reopen before Easter due to national lockdown restrictions, the company opted to donate the seasonal treats to a number of good causes for their service users to enjoy.

“Letting stock go to waste needlessly is never sensible and we saw this as an opportunity to help families out and share some joy in a period where we need it more than ever,” said National Retail Manager for Bourne Leisure, Eleanor Whalley. “If we can do our part to help the community, however big or small, it makes a difference.”

Bourne Leisure donates over 44,000 Easter treats to good causes loading stock into van

Almost 1,000 cases of stock including chocolate eggs, mini eggs and other Easter confectionery were distributed with the support of colleagues - donning Easter bunny ears - from Scunthorpe-based symbol and wholesale group Nisa and its Making a Difference Locally charity.

Helen Walker, Charity Administrator at MADL was involved in coordinating and delivering the 44,000+ confectionery items.

She said: “I was delighted on behalf of Bourne Leisure, Nisa and Making a Difference Locally to be able to support by making six deliveries in the North Lincolnshire area to some very deserving causes.

“The feedback we received from them was brilliant and they were truly grateful for the donations, which will benefit recipients of all ages and some of those less fortunate in the region this Easter.”