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Huge income boost for Nisa’s charity following bumper own label sales

Good causes across the UK and Ireland are set to benefit from additional funding from Nisa retailers following a significant boost to its charity’s income.


As grocery sales have soared since the start of the virus pandemic in the UK, so too have sales of Co-op and Heritage own label products in Nisa partner stores, which raise funds for good causes via the symbol group’s Making a Difference Locally charity.

Such was the increase in sales that the charity’s income saw an uplift of 30% in March versus the previous month, and a huge 87% increase when compared with March 2019, with retailer donations also up this month as a result.

Since its formation in 2008, Making a Difference Locally has raised over £11.5m and supported charities and other good causes with over 12,000 donations.

Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity, said: “The pandemic has seen many shoppers favouring their local convenience store over making trips to the larger supermarkets and by supporting their local Nisa store, customers have raised a significant amount of money for some fantastic good causes in their communities.

additional income will provide vital support

“The additional income will provide vital support to charities at a time when their income will be dramatically reduced due to the outbreak. It’s heart-warming to see from the increase in donations Nisa retailers are making that they are responding to the needs of their local communities and providing additional support where it’s needed the most.”