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Making a Difference Locally launches A Moment in Time initiative

A new initiative has been launched to Nisa partners to enable them to support their local communities with more time-sensitive donations via the Making a Difference Locally charity.

‘A Moment in Time’ will allow retailers to apply for additional MADL funding of up to £2,500 when they are looking to support a local good cause in time for a particular event or deadline, but are unable to donate the money from their store’s own MADL funds.

An example could be a retailer that has recently donated all of their MADL funds or whose balance would not build quickly enough in time to support the cause or event, such as a local community group celebrating its 10th birthday, a fundraising campaign almost at its target or an upcoming local event.

Partners are able to apply now via a dedicated link on the MADL partner website by providing information on what the funding will be used towards and how it will benefit their local community.

A Moment in Time will enable those partners to apply for the funding required when it’s most needed.

Six good causes from across the UK have already been successfully awarded funding since the launch of the initiative last month, to the tune of around £8,500.

One good cause to benefit from a donation as part of the scheme is Reverse the Cycle, following an application from Nisa Local Fitzwilliam. The group will use their £1,000 funding to build bicycles to gift to underprivileged children within the local community, whose families could otherwise not afford to purchase one this Christmas.

Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity, said: “Nisa partners have always been engaged and very active within their local communities and so there are often times when a local event or fundraising campaign crops up and retailers want to do their bit to support it, but just don’t have the funds available."

“A Moment in Time will enable those partners to apply for the funding required when it’s most needed, helping them to build further relationships with their local communities."

”We’ve already received some incredibly inspiring applications for funding and look forward to seeing how the donations will make a difference.”