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More than £1m donated to communities via Nisa’s charity in 2021

More than £1m was donated to good causes across the UK through Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity last year.

Throughout 2021, Nisa stores supported local charities and community groups with 2,060 donations, totalling £1,055,227, demonstrating retailers’ continued commitment to supporting their local communities.

To monitor how donations made will benefit different aspects of community life, Making a Difference Locally donations are each categorised into different areas such as health and wellbeing, education and employment, good food and nutrition, shelter and security, and many more. Last year saw the addition of a new category, “strengthened communities”, which included 297 donations made by Nisa partners, totalling £173,755, to help build stronger communities through funding shared community spaces, activities, events and projects.

More than £1m donated to communities via Nisa’s charity in 2021 Article Image

One such example was a donation of £1,250 from Levens Village Shop in Kendal to fund the catering for a local event, a Ceilidh celebration aimed at bringing the community together for fun and socialising following the lifting of covid restrictions.

Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity said: “We’re delighted that communities have benefited from donations totalling more than £1m over the last 12 months, as the funding given by our independent retailers will make a significant difference for many small charities and community groups, who often rely on the support of local people and businesses to remain open."

“MADL collecting tins and the newly launched clothing banks and digital donations have been valuable in raising additional funds in partner stores over the last year and enabling Nisa shoppers to support good causes they care about."

“We’re thrilled that so many very deserving causes have benefitted from funding, especially during such challenging times."

Since its formation in 2008, Making a Difference Locally has raised over £14m and supported charities and other good causes with more than 15,000 donations, with recipients ranging from foodbanks, hospices and refuges to youth sports teams and community groups, to name a few.