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Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity supports UK food pantries through Heart of the Community Awards

Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity has announced the launch of its first Heart of the Community Awards for 2024.

The awards will be supporting food pantries across the UK with an overall £50,000 fund available for Nisa retailers to nominate local causes. The donations of up to £1,000 per store will help food pantries provide essential food and other supplies to people in need.

Food pantries are non-profit organisations. Pantries stock a wide range of food products including fresh fruit and veg, frozen and chilled food, meat and dairy products, and long-life tinned and packaged food.

Pantries soften the blow of high living costs and create the conditions for communities to grow and thrive, by bringing people together around food. Pantries are strengthening communities, fostering friendships, loosening the grip of poverty, and contributing to healthier, happier lives.

Pantries operate as membership food clubs and neighbourhood hubs, often serving as springboards to other community initiatives, opportunities, and ideas.

For a small set membership amount users can select a set number of products giving help whilst maintaining dignity, allowing choice in food, and is designed to be sustainable rather than a foodbank which is for emergency support.

To apply for a donation, interested food pantries should visit their nearest Nisa affiliated retailer to discuss a nomination. Nearest stores can be found by visiting:

The Heart of the Community Awards is a popular funding giveaway through MADL for Nisa retailers. Each year, Nisa retailers nominate local causes that they believe could benefit from a donation. The 50 winning causes are then selected by a panel of judges. MADL is committed to supporting food pantries in their vital work to combat hunger in the UK.

Kate Carroll, Head of Charity at Nisa, said: “We are proud to support food pantries across the UK through our Heart of the Community Awards. Food pantries play a vital role in our communities, and we are committed to helping them continue to provide essential assistance to people in need.

“Everyone should have access to good food. Everybody values community. Pantries provide both – and more. Across the UK, 90,000+ people have found friendship, food and freedom through pantry memberships.”

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