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Proudfoot support York and Scarborough Hospital Charity purchase Christmas Blankets, through our Making A Difference Locally Charity

This Christmas Proudfoot Group have supported York and Scarborough hospital Charity with £500 of funding for blankets.

Valerie Aston Proudfoot director tells us “Christmas 2022 I knew of two people who were in hospital over the Christmas Period, a friend who is on end of life at Scarborough Hospital and another friend receiving urgent intensive Chemotherapy after a very recent diagnosis, at York Hospital”

Both, very kindly received a blanket as a gift from their hospital on Christmas Day, and these were most appreciated.


Here, at Proudfoot, we have now committed to this initiative going forward, so each year we will donate through our Making A Difference Locally fund, the cost of these blankets

This week a group of volunteers, ‘army of wrappers’, wrapped over 1000 Christmas blankets ready for patients across York and Scarborough, to open on Christmas Day.

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