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Warrington charity boosted by community award

A charity which provides supported learning, development and work activities for vulnerable adults and young people with learning disabilities has benefited to the tune of £4,000 thanks to the Heart of the Community Awards initiative run by Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity.

The Walton Lea Partnership in Warrington was the good cause nominated by Nisa retailer Mike Sohal whose Nisa Local Dallam Stores is located a few miles from the charity’s base.

Warrington charity boosted by community award garden and bench view

The charity has used the funds to pay for a selection of tools and equipment that will improve the everyday activities offered to those who use the charity.

Karen Moore, support worker and lead for horticulture at the charity, said: “The Heart of the Community award has been fantastic for us as it has allowed us to spend on a range of items that will really make things so much easier for our learners.”

The charity runs a series of social enterprises including retail, horticulture, woodwork and recycling donated furniture and bicycles which helps to finance the partnership.

Some learners use the facility once a week while others attend every weekday and five have been attending since the Walton Lea Partnership first originated more than 20 years ago.

Warrington charity boosted by community award staff and visitor interaction

Nisa partner Mike Sohal, said: “What the people at the Walton Lea Project do is incredible and you can see how important it is to everyone involved. It was really simple to apply for a Heart of the Community award through MADL and being able to hand over the donation knowing it will make such an impact locally, is part and parcel of what being a local, independent retailer is all about.”

Nisa’s Head of Charity, Kate Carroll said: “Having seen first-hand the work this wonderful charity does, I know that this Heart of the Community award will make such a huge difference to so many people."

“This sort of project is exactly what we had in mind when we launched the initiative, and it really is fantastic to see what a difference our Nisa partners can make to their communities by getting involved and supporting such brilliant local causes.”

Warrington charity boosted by community award van side advertising

In addition to the HOTC award, Mike made a further application for the recently launched ‘A Moment in Time’ initiative and received a £2,000 donation for the charity which has been earmarked for a compost bin project.

The ‘A Moment in Time’ scheme, which went live in October, has been a big success with numerous strong applications already made leading to more than £8,500 awarded to charities supported by Nisa partners.