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A Letter From Peter: Independents Day 2023


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This year, Independents’ Day weekend falls on the weekend of 1st and 2nd July and gives us all the opportunity to celebrate the important role independent retailers and convenience stores play on our high streets and in our local communities.

The last few years have been immensely challenging for independent retailers, and certainly I know that Nisa’s retailers have gone above and beyond to support their local communities. The Independents’ Day weekend allows us to reflect on what an extraordinary part of the community independent retailers are to all our high streets.

There are close to 50,000 convenience stores across the UK, all of which provide customers with a tailored blend of products to meet local demand. Independent retailers’ unique ability to adapt their offering to fit the wants and needs of their local community is a key attribute, particularly in today’s economic climate.

In recent months a combination of high inflation, economic uncertainty and a cost-of-living crisis has shifted consumer behaviour towards value and independent retailers are adapting accordingly. In order to help retailers mitigate the impact of grocery inflation, we’re committed in doing what we can to ensure we have the best prices for our retailers at a time when shoppers are looking for value. Shoppers are now, more than ever, looking to make savings where they can on groceries and essential items, and we hope Nisa’s continued work on prices will allow communities to have access to these items, through their local Nisa retailer, at an affordable price.

It is also vital that consumers continue to support independent retailers across the UK during these difficult times. As a sector we need to prioritise working together and acting with a unified voice if we want to see changes that will benefit all players in the convenience sector.

Demand for value has never been higher and independent retailers have significantly invested in food-to-go, fresh produce, hot food, and more. For many, dining out has become less affordable and many independent retailers have broadened their offering so customers can have all that they would have enjoyed on a night out, at home, for an affordable price.

This shift towards value has also driven Nisa to double down on its focus of delivering value for both retailers and customers while also maintaining high product standards. To ensure our retailers have access to high quality, reliable products, Nisa retailers have access to 2,400 Co-op own brand products across all ranges.

The convenience sector has shown its resilience and ability to adapt during challenging periods before and I am confident that the high calibre of independent retailers this country boasts will be able to weather challenging times once again.

At Nisa, we are absolutely committed to our mission to be the independent retailer’s partner of choice and would like to wish all independent retailers a happy Independents’ Day weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Batt

Managing Director, Nisa

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