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‘Be local, buy local’ is winning formula

A local shop, selling local produce to local people since 1921 – Bradleys Supermarket in Quorn, Loughborough is the epitome of the ‘shop local’ ethos.

And that, say the father and son team who run the store, is what makes their business the success it is today.

With more than five per cent of the range in the village store sourced from local suppliers, Paul and Jack Matthews are passionate about supporting their community and as they approach 100 years in the business, they remain confident this is what will see their continued success.

Jack explained: “The amount of local produce we stock is very much a USP for us. We can add new lines very quickly and react to change rapidly, ensuring we have exactly what our customers want in our shop. It is something that makes us different from the large supermarkets and another reason that our customers keep coming back to us.”

As Nisa retailers, the store takes multiple weekly deliveries from Nisa’s warehouses, with a mix of both ambient and chill and freeze, but the catalogue of local products is one of the main attractions that draws shoppers to their store.

Much of the fruit and vegetable range comes from Leicester Market, meat and pies are supplied by the local butchery, seafood from the local fishmonger, breads and cakes from the local bakery, eggs and yogurts both from nearby suppliers, craft ales from Charnwood Brewery and Burleighs Gin – both Loughborough based, the list goes on.

“We work closely with local suppliers and try to stock as much as we can,” said Jack. “We’ll approach them and offer to put their products in our store and likewise, they come to us and ask us if we’ll stock their goods. It’s a fantastic way of working with and supporting other local businesses.”

And the slogan for the family business, which is emblazoned on the store wall for all to see, is just what you would expect from such a fiercely local shop; “Proud to be part of your lives in Quorn.”