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Brothers boost business in Bedminster

A trio of shopkeeper brothers are reaping the rewards of a renewed interest in their family business with sales of their refurbished Nisa Local doubling since the store re-launched in March this year.

The 1,800 sq.ft. shop has been in the family for 12 years, but until recently was left “to run itself” while the owners focused on other things.

Brothers boost business in Bedminster front of store with old fascia

Nik Patel, one of the three brothers running the operation, said: “We’d stepped away from the business really. It was paying our bills, but we were not at all hands on. Then we realised that between us we had a lot of experience and could do much more with the store.”

The family decided to put all their energy into re-building the business and creating their dream store with the aim of a community focused store that met all the demands of local shoppers and removed the need to go to a large supermarket.

“We looked at all the symbol groups and when we visited a Nisa store, it was the only one that provided the fresh range we wanted,” said Nik.

Brothers boost business in Bedminster front of store with Nisa fascia

Putting their hearts and souls into the project, the brothers signed up to Nisa, closed the store and fully re-fitted it, with every fixture and fitting removed and replaced.

“We had a vision and we have realised it with our new store. It’s exactly what we were hoping it would be. It has the wow factor; it looks inviting to shoppers and makes them want to come inside and see what we have on offer."

Brothers boost business in Bedminster in-store checkouts

“We have really changed our mindset. We’re backed with the Co-op brand which we are seeing have a real impact as it is a brand that customers know and trust. And people are coming in and are filling up their shopping baskets with us now.”

Basket spend has more than doubled with meal solutions and the fresh range selling well, particularly fresh Co-op pizzas with around 70 selling every week.

“I didn’t used to think that shoppers would want to buy lots of fresh food from a convenience store but now I have realised that if you make the store look and feel good, and the products are there, shoppers will buy them,” added Nik.

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