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Business is booming in Blidworth

A retailer in Nottinghamshire is enjoying a sales lift of almost 20 per cent in the weeks following a re-fit and extension to his family store.

Sunny Mann, a Nisa partner since 2013, almost doubled the size of his shop in the village of Blidworth between Nottingham and Mansfield as part of the development work.

Now standing at just over 2,000 sq.ft. the busy community store is enjoying weekly sales of almost £30,000 – 19 per cent more than before the re-fit and sales haven’t flattened yet.

And with average basket spend increasing from £7.16 to £9.84 since the store re-launched, things are looking positive for the store which first started trading almost 30 years ago.

Whilst a large part of the development was focused on expanding the range of chilled products, increasing chilled bays from two to seven, the growth in sales spans all categories and shows no signs of slowing down yet.

Sunny said: “Our shoppers rely on the store, they come in every day and so it’s great that we can now stock everything they need. They come in, start with the chill and then build their basket for their meal for tonight.”

With support from Nisa’s Fresh Food Development Managers, Sunny has drastically expanded the chilled categories, going from 150 cases of chilled a week to more than 500 and it is all selling, with minimal waste.

He said: “Chilled is flying. We can’t keep up with it. Fresh meat and fresh fruit and vegetables are selling really well. We like to get new things in and give them a try and our customers are really enjoying the bigger range.

“We always had the potential sales. Customers were coming in and asking for products but we did not have the space or the facilities to stock the goods. Now we have the room and we are continuing to expand our range to meet demand.”