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Chalking up chilled sales

A family-run Nisa store in West Yorkshire has doubled its chilled space as part of a store re-fit in response to the growing demand from customers.

Cordon Retail, owners of the Wakefield Road store in the village of Fitzwilliam, invested in a bank of modern, doored chillers, and as well as enjoying additional sales in chilled, they’re also now paying smaller bills.

Josh Cordon, who runs the store with brother Luke and their parents, said the store’s focus is their chilled lines, which are driving sales and keeping shoppers coming through the doors.

The 1,200 sq.ft. store was re-fitted at the end of last year to Nisa’s latest Evolution store format comprising a new fascia, flooring and chillers with the expansion of the chilled range a key motivation for the investment.

“We’ve expanded our chilled lines since the end of last year. We’ve basically doubled our chilled space - we already had a decent amount, but now we’ve got a really good amount of space,” said Josh. “That’s the growth area for us definitely. We’re really focusing on it.”

The new doored chillers replaced old and inefficient fridges which improved both the look of the store as well as the running costs.

Josh said: “We’ve seen quite a big drop in our bills even though we doubled the chill space. Because they were so good, we did the same with the beer fridge. We replaced the wine fridge and put it all in one with the beer. It works really well.”