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Checking in at Cheltenham

A new to Nisa partner has invested in a former Spar near Cheltenham and opened it as a Nisa Local with a host of new services and a much-improved product range for local shoppers to enjoy.

The community-based convenience store in Benhall Avenue, has recently been turned into a Nisa store with internal and external signage installed alongside a F’real, Skwishee and Costa Coffee machines as well as a Bake and Bite section.

Located in a heavily populated residential area and just a couple of streets away from GCHQ, the potential footfall is substantial and something owner Kishore Samanathy plans to make the most of.

“Basket spend is steadily increasing and we’re seeing new faces coming in and many are becoming regular shoppers,” he said.


When he took on the store it was unoccupied and had been empty for a couple of months, but the interior was in great condition meaning minimal work was required to bring it back to life and re-launch as a fully functioning convenience store.

Having been closed for several months, Kishore says the challenge now is to get customers back through the door and show off what is on offer that was not available under the previous ownership.

“We have a much better range here now than what was available before and gradually we’re getting shoppers returning and the feedback we’re getting is really good,” he said.


A strong Co-op own brand presence is winning customers over as are the new services and Kishore is confident that sales will continue to grow.

“The Co-op range is definitely something they enjoy - it’s good quality and the taste is great, and the products are bringing my customers in.”

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