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Co-op Franchise goes from strength to strength

Following the opening of 16 stores already this year, and currently operating more than 30 stores across the country, Co-op Franchise will have trebled its estate in 2021.

Co-op Franchise goes from strength to strength Somerton's Co-op

Somerton's Co-op

With a further 10 set to open by the end of the year taking the total to 40, the team will have seen almost a 200 per cent increase in 2021.

Most recent openings include stores at Keele University and the University of Aberdeen, which have undergone a complete transformation to better serve students, staff and visitors, as well as providing employment opportunities for students and locals.

Co-op has also launched the first food to go offer with its new ‘micro-supermarket’ proposition, in response to a change in shopping behaviours. In an industry first, the retail giant is expanding its portfolio with its first ever 24-hour self-serve, cashless micro-market at the head office for British Manufacturer and home of the iconic Henry and Hetty the Hoover, Numatic.

Co-op Franchise goes from strength to strength Guiseley's Co-op

Guiseley's Co-op

Martin Rogers, head of new channels at Co-op said:

We have the most diverse store portfolio of any retailer and currently operate in university campuses, motorway services, petrol stations, community convenience stores and supermarkets, and spread from London to Leeds, Stirling to Somerset and Kent to Cornwall.

The flexibility of the model is evidence that we can successfully service such a diverse group and we’re looking for independent retailers to join our unique franchise proposition and one of the most iconic brands.

Through the franchise operation, Co-op is servicing 150,000 students and the quality, convenience and ethical values are a great fit with the student population. Co-op GRO products and FTG are particularly popular, and the largest sales of these products are at university franchise stores. With university partners welcoming students for the new academic year, Co-op is launching what will be the biggest freshers’ campaign, engaging with more students than ever before. Messaging will centre around people coming together to make new friends, and the retailers’ ‘Feed the flat for £5’ will create conversations with the new students on value for money and bringing them together, at this new time in their lives.

Other stores this year include the first franchise at a service station, Cornwall Services, 10 petrol stations with its partner SGN and its eighth store with an independent partner of scale, Siva Kailasapillai.