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Co-op own label the key ingredient for forecourt retailer SG Petch following decision to rejoin Nisa

SG Petch has credited Co-op branded products for their decision to rejoin Nisa after a six-year hiatus, after opening a new Express store in Haxby, near York.

The Northeast based family-owned business, whose core area is in automotive dealerships, saw the opportunity to open a forecourt convenience store, selecting Nisa as their supplier after tough consideration.

Located on busy Station Road, the Haxby store underwent a £70,000 refurbishment courtesy of Activ Projects last May and acts as a side venture to the dealership. The new store has six car park spaces on the forecourt, serving a 635 sq.ft. store, and features an in-store Costa Coffee machine to cater to local commuters.

SG Petch’s finance director, Simon Rees, said: “Nisa felt like the most suitable fit for Haxby. Our local customers are typically middle class and there’s a good proportion of retired people. We feel that the Co-op’s brand is good quality and reputable and suits the locality.
“We also rely on passing trade - and Nisa offers a great selection of food on the go, so that’s also key for our delivery driver customers”.


SG Petch has history with Nisa after operating a petrol station and forecourt food retail business for many years in Richmond, North Yorks, but sold the site back in 2017 after deciding to focus on car retail.

The company saw the opportunity to try its hand again in forecourt convenience retailing after receiving an offer from the retiring owner in Haxby who’d run the business for 30 years and had also worked with SG Petch’s car dealership in the attached body shop and repair workshop.

Simon and his team were initially interested in acquiring the workshop and body shop to support their car dealership in York, but now also aim to serve the local community with the best quality grocery and convenience products for the long haul.

“The remodelled store needed a major investment which we’ve given it, and it now looks a million dollars and we’re doing well thanks to our team of ten staff and our extended opening hours of 7am-8pm. Our customers are always attracted by the great offers which come from Nisa. About 90% of our revenue comes through fuel, but it is vital to have good grocery products too to grow this opportunity.”

“Nisa felt like the most suitable fit for Haxby. We feel that the Co-op’s brand is good quality and reputable and suits the locality."
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