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Cool for school

A promotional event focusing on lunch box fillers and breakfast favourites has been launched in Nisa retailers’ stores to coincide with schools re-opening for the new term in September.

With most pupils returning to school from the summer break next week, Nisa’s Back to School event presents a great opportunity for independent retailers to push a wide range of family favourites to help busy parents as they get back into their daily routines.

And with the typical packed lunch shoppers spending an average of £7 every week in convenience stores, this is a key event in the promotional calendar for retailers.

A wide range of deals are available on lunchbox essentials such as multi packs of crisps – Pom Bears 5pk and Hula Hoops 6pk for £1, Mr Kipling cake bars 6pk and Soreen Lunchbox Malt Loaves 5pk for £1 each as well as drinks including Capri-Sun orange or blackcurrant 4pk only £1 and Highland Spring for Kids 12pk for £2.50.

Dairylea Lunchables and Snackers, £1 each, Princes tuna chunks 4pk at £3.50 and Co-op Irresistible ham 200g for £3 are all available.

There are also deals to be had on Kellogg’s Coco Pops and Rice Crispies with £2.99 price marked packs on offer for £2 among others.

Regan Howard, campaign and media partnerships manager at Nisa, said: “Kids up to the age of 15 had a massive 378.4 million lunchbox servings last year and Nisa partners are ideally situated to cater for this shopping mission and tap into these sales.

“We’re encouraging retailers to make good use of gondola ends to ensure the offers are easy to spot in store and to include staple items such as cordials to help upsell these products.”

The Cool for School event is in stores now and runs until Tuesday 17th September.