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Customer confidence climbing at contemporary Crossgates

A bustling convenience store in the heart of a Leeds community has been given a new lease of life thanks to a face lift and range review that has been widely welcomed by shoppers.

The Crossgates Nisa Local has had its old white fascia replaced with the latest Nisa Evolution fascia in grey and yellow and new window graphics have been inserted to make the store look more inviting.

Inside, a new doored chiller has been installed along with new freezers, the store has been re-laid to place greater emphasis on fresh and chilled products and new vinyl signage and graphics have been erected around the shop.

The 1,200 sq.ft. store has also been re-merchandised and now boasts more than 250 Co-op own label lines which are proving popular with shoppers and are helping to increase margins for the retailer.

Retailer Harry Mawi, who joined Nisa in 2012, said: “I’m really pleased with the new look. The store has been given a good facelift and it has really freshened it up.

“It is still early days, but the store is trading better since the re-fit and I think shoppers can now see the full range of products available, thanks to the new layout.”

All chilled products and food for tonight is now located together close to the store entrance, encouraging shoppers to walk through and shop the store more effectively and a food bay has been added next to the coffee machine to prompt purchases of snacks.

An investment in two new upright freezers to replace two old upright and one chest freezer, has made the store look more appealing and created additional space within the frozen section to accommodate the new Co-op own label lines Harry is planning to introduce.

“The Co-op range sells itself. It looks really good on the shelf and so it is important that we have smart chillers and freezers to display it in,” he said.

And customers are also pleased with the store’s new look. “We have had some really positive comments from shoppers who love the contemporary design and I believe it gives our customers more confidence in us as the store looks professional,” added Harry.