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Dancing down the Adelphi aisles

City centre dwellers are enjoying the new Nisa Local recently opened in Salford with shoppers flocking to the store every evening to dance their way round the store.

The Adelphi store launched last month in a purpose-built retail unit situated beneath several floors of living accommodation.


It is Tassadiq Imran’s first convenience store and sees a steady flow of shoppers throughout the day, but the shop really comes to life after dark when customers go in for their evening meals, beers, wines, and snacks.

A party-like atmosphere has been created in the 1,800 sq.ft. shop which Imran says encourages shoppers through the door.


“We see the most shoppers in the store between 5pm and 10pm. It gets really busy and when they come in, they like to have a dance, so we have music on and our customers make the most of the time they are in here,” explained Imran.

The enthusiastic retailer previously managed forecourt retail outlets but was keen to take control of his own business and said he loves the challenges that come with the role.

“I try to get to know my customers and they know me; they come in and ask if I am okay. I really enjoy running the store. It is very rewarding; you get out what you put in.”


The store has an extensive food to go offer with Fwip, Costa Coffee, Tango Ice Blast and iSqueeze orange juice along with hot bakes from Cuisine de France and packed sandwiches, pasta, and fruit pots.


The overall range is being continually reviewed as shopper patterns and buying habits start to emerge, but initial sales have been strong and are growing.

“It is a work in progress and there is lots more to do but I love every challenge - there have been many and I’m sure there will be many more to come,” said Imran.