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Delivering fantastic customer service to the community

A Lancashire-based convenience store is reaping the rewards of introducing a delivery service which now makes up almost a quarter of all sales.

Two years after launching the service in response to the Covid pandemic, Beech Stores, Nisa Heysham has seen customer demand continue to grow with 22% of weekly turnover now coming via delivery orders.

James Brown who owns the 850 sq.ft family shop, said the need to offer a delivery service became apparent in 2020 as Coronavirus swept the country.

Delivering fantastic customer service to the community front of store with fascia

“We realised that we needed to do more to support our customers, especially the vulnerable so we set up a home delivery service where customers could order by phone and have their shopping delivered to their homes with minimal contact. The service was very well received by customers.”

Keen to go the extra mile, James also promised a 30-minute delivery window, enabling shoppers to place their orders and receive their shopping within half an hour.

The ordering system, which started as a simple telephone service, was upgraded and an investment made into a technological solution to further improve the service to shoppers as well as make it more efficient to manage.

Delivering fantastic customer service to the community store delivery vehicle

James said: “We researched options and decided to partner with Zeus Labs to integrate an app into our Facebook page, speeding up the process and freeing up staff to pick the products and serve customers."

“It’s easy to use, there are no surcharges to the customer and no need to inflate prices to cover the costs. This means that we can offer everyday items at the same prices regardless of whether they are being delivered or collected by the customer.”

Such is the success of the service that the store now operates two branded vehicles, promoting the service and the 30-minute delivery promise.

“The store is a vital part of the local community, and we aim to provide fantastic customer service – be that in the store itself or via our delivery service,” said James.

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