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Driving sales at Dallam Stores

Sales at a north west convenience store are going from strength to strength since a redevelopment which saw the retailer take on new premises as part of a regeneration project.

Overall sales at Dallam Stores in Warrington are up by more than 38% year on year with the latest figures for the last quarter showing an uplift of 9% compared to the previous three months.

Retailer Mike Sohal said the new 2,000 sq.ft. store, which he moved into in February last year, with its modern layout and additional space has helped maximise sales opportunities and enabled him to stock a wider range for shoppers.

“I always try to get great seasonal offers in the store and make sure the promotions get a lot of space in the shop so my customers can see what’s available and sales have increased as a result of that,” said Mike.

Case volume is up by an average of almost 45% with the retailer handling an average of 1,219 cases from Nisa every week – including chill and freeze.

Post Office commission is up by 30%, scratch cards have seen an increase of 9% and while cigarette sales have dropped slightly, this has been more than compensated by the sale of E-cigarettes.

Mike said: “Two years ago I was working with Nisa’s format and development team on the new store and we went through about 15 versions of the layout to get it right.

“It took a lot of time and effort to get it where it is today, but the numbers speak for themselves and show that it was definitely worthwhile.”