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Ethical eggs from Nisa

Nisa has moved its entire range of eggs to free range, believed to be the first in the wholesale sector to do so.

The change, which comes into effect from the end of the year, means all eggs available through the Nisa network, both via depot and Direct To Store suppliers, will be free range. All Co-op own-brand eggs are already free range and the move by Nisa brings the egg sourcing approach more in line with the Co-op’s ethical sourcing policy.

Ethical eggs from Nisa

Darren Hamilton, wholesale category controller, said: “We are really proud to announce that we have made this commitment which is in line with the growing public desire for more ethically sourced products."

“All major retailers have committed to remove caged eggs from their ranges by 2025 with more than 71% of eggs currently sold in the retail sector already free range."

“By moving early, we are giving Nisa partners the opportunity to meet the demands of customers and capture the increasing desire to buy eggs this way.”

To ensure partners have the best range available to them, Nisa is making a significant investment in margin to support the transition of retailers to the new free-range products which will ensure they are able to offer their customers a good value free range entry price point, while maintaining a healthy margin.

The customer entry point on eggs moves from 89p, for six caged eggs, to £1 for six mixed weight free range eggs.

As part of the move to free ranged eggs only, Nisa are running promotional activity throughout the end of December and into early 2022, starting with six large free ranged eggs for £1 instead of the usual £1.39 to help drive sales.

Hamilton added: “The new free-range products will go live from Monday 27th December so the eggs can start landing in stores from 1st January, meaning partners can start the new year able to offer their customers these great value, ethically sourced egg lines.

“It’s a really good opportunity to get ahead of the market, make a healthy margin and also offer a great customer proposition.”

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