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Fantastic future forecast for frozen food

Frozen food sales have soared at Nisa as the impact of the pandemic continues to reflect in the convenience sector.

The category has become increasingly relevant to shoppers during the coronavirus crisis with year-on-year value up by almost a third at Nisa.


Nisa category controller David Lunn, said sales for January to June this year were up considerably, and he believes the outlook for the remainder of 2020 remains “very positive”.

He said: “For the first six months of this year, frozen food sales were at +32% year-on-year in value, with all categories in growth for Nisa.

“Shoppers have become sold on the idea of having a well-stocked freezer and others are on a budget, looking for a cost-effective way to reduce waste as we head into a downturn in the economy.”


And although lockdown measures have now relaxed and the growth in frozen food has slowed, the sector remains strong.

Pre-Covid, the introduction this January of Nisa’s £5 frozen meal deal was already attracting Nisa shoppers with a new deal offered regularly throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the addition of the Co-op range, which now accounts for more than 20% of frozen sales, has been instrumental in this year’s frozen success.

“The Co-op own brand has created opportunities in other categories which we haven’t had before such as the plant-based Gro range,” added David.

Nisa partner Adam Vincent, director at Dike and Son said frozen food has been performing very well at the supermarket in Stalbridge, Dorset. “Frozen gives people the reassurance that they have food in the house. Sales are definitely ahead of where they normally would be.”