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Festive cheer is the order of today at Nisa

Plans for the festive season are continuing at Nisa with the licensed Christmas range pre-sell launched today.

Nisa partners have already placed their orders for the ambient and chilled categories and today online ordering opens for the range of seasonal tipples.

Copies of the printed brochure will be arriving by post with retailers this week as the online ordering opens today and remains open until the end of September to place orders online.

This year’s Christmas licensed pre-sell brochure offers an extensive gifting range which caters for all customer budgets and includes a new range of seasonal packs, wine boxes and all the essential key branded mid packs of lager and cider. Also included is a ‘two for £3.50’ deal on Christmas ales and craft beers (multibuy excludes Scotland and Wales), which offers great value for customers. 

The brochure itself also provides retailers with a host of helpful insights deigned to help them when making decisions on what stock to buy in for their stores this Christmas.

This year’s pre-sell includes a new range of seasonal packs which are great for sharing and offer great value for customers.

Chris Walker, marketing operations manager at Nisa, said; “Two thirds of shoppers celebrate Christmas at home and with the likelihood of continued impact from Covid-19, stocking a credible own-brand range this Christmas is going to be more important than ever for Nisa partners. 

“What’s more, with the uncertainty surrounding the hospitality industry and prospect of more home celebrations taking place, this year’s pre-sell includes a new range of seasonal packs which are great for sharing and offer great value for customers.”

The Christmas period presents an opportunity to offer customers a trade-up option with premiumisation commonplace leading up to the season, for gifting or just an indulgent treat. 

Chris added: “Our range of branded premium spirits and Co-op Irresistible gin and rum will enable Nisa partners to offer a credible range to their customers and this combination of key brands and Co-op own-brand will help them deliver the perfect Christmas to satisfy their customers’ needs.”