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Festive focus underway

Nisa’s independent retailers are focusing on the festive season with orders already submitted for the key Halloween and Christmas occasions.

This year’s extensive range combines specially selected must-stock branded lines with tasty Co-op own-brand products to help drive sales and ensure retailers have everything they need to inspire their shoppers and deliver the absolute best Halloween and Christmas.

To help Nisa retailers make the right choices, the full colour product catalogue includes an array of insights highlighting what to stock and when and how to maximise sales in store.

Festive focus underway group presentation

All top sellers have also been highlighted to assist when selecting the range with some top tips shared throughout from category experts.

And the range was brought to life to a number of partners recently when they attended a Christmas Showcase event in Manchester and enjoyed the opportunity to taste test some of the top lines.

Stacey Brookes, of Chartwell Barns who operate two stores in North Yorkshire, said: “It was great to taste as well as see the products. There were some that I probably wouldn’t have ordered but having tasted them I will definitely be adding them to our order.”

And Abi Leftley who operates Leftley’s of Wells in Wells-next-the-Sea, on the North Norfolk coast, said: “There are some really exciting products which look and taste great and I think we will be adding quite a lot of them to our Christmas range in store this year.”

Festive focus underway on screen presentation

The Co-op own brand Christmas range for 2022 includes a good show of NPD with around a third of the collection made up of new products and the remainder consisting of existing favourites that have been re-configured and improved to make them even better tasting.

Jonny Lambert, wholesale category lead for Co-op, said: “Sharing the Christmas Showcase with Nisa partners is the perfect way to give first-hand experience of the range and it really helps them to make decisions about what they will stock in their stores.”

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