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First birthday festivities for Fishpool

An independent retailer has celebrated his first anniversary as a Nisa partner with an in-store celebration to mark the occasion.

Baz Aslam joined Nisa at the end of April 2021 in a bid to strengthen his business and offer shoppers an enhanced range of products at more competitive prices in his Bury store.

And after 12 months operating under a Nisa Local fascia, the move has reaped huge rewards as sales continue to grow while community integration has stepped up to a new level.

Baz said: “The refit and the move to Nisa really was transformational for us from what the shop was before to what it is now. Our shoppers have embraced it and everything that has come with it, and we are a real community store now."

“The variety works, and the space works too. Shop sales grew immediately, and they are still rising.”

First birthday festivities for Fishpool Article

Before joining Nisa, the fresh range was minimal, and the store did not have an alcohol licence. Both these categories now generate significant sales with up to 600 freshly made sandwiches selling every week.

Having also become a trustee for Nisa’s Making a Difference charity, Baz believes his involvement has helped to cement the store into the heart of the community.

“Joining MADL has been great and has helped me understand how to support our community through the charity. We’ve already helped a number of groups and projects who are really making a difference in the area.”

And a year on Baz believes there is still work to do to further improve the store, increase sales and grow the business.

“Being a Nisa partner is great for me. I have the freedom to operate as an independent, but I also get so much support."

“I made the best decision coming to Nisa. I love the brand, the range, the service and of course MADL and it’s up to me to keep making it better.”

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