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First north-west Nisa Express fascia store opens in Liverpool offering convenience and quality

The first north-west Nisa Express fascia store has opened in Liverpool, offering customers both convenience and quality.

The store is a joint venture by local entrepreneurs Sam Nahshall and Abdullah Mohammed, who bring 14 years of experience in retail to the venture.

The store was selected for its prime location, which benefits from high traffic due to nearby landmarks such as the passport office, famous D’Acompo restaurant and the Radisson hotel.

The store boasts an extensive 'Food to Go' section, as well as unique offerings such as American chocolates, Turkish baklava, and a variety of halal products, catering to the local diverse tastes.

The launch event featured free product tastings, including items from Rollover hotdogs, Sweetzone and Country Choice, and promotional giveaways to celebrate the opening. Costa Coffee also provided £100 worth of free coffee via the Costa Express machine over the opening couple of days.

The choice of Nisa as a franchise partner was based on community feedback and the popularity of their Co-op own brand product range.

“The introduction of Co-op's own brand products is a key element of our new store's offering,” Abdullah said.

“These products are well-known for their quality and value, which align perfectly with our goal to provide the best for our customers. Choosing to feature Co-op's range was based on positive feedback from the community, and it plays a crucial role in differentiating our store from others in the area.

“By including these popular items, we aim to meet customer expectations and enhance their shopping experience."

The store is committed to community involvement, supporting local charities and employing residents to strengthen its local ties. Sam and Abdullah are planning on working with Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally charity (MADL).

Sam and Abdullah are hoping this will be the first of many Nisa stores opened by them. When asked about the launch, Sam said: "We are thrilled to open our new Nisa Express store right here in the heart of Liverpool. This store isn't just about bringing new products to the area; it's about serving and growing with the community.

“We've carefully selected each product to meet the unique needs of our customers, and we're excited to introduce a shopping experience that combines convenience with quality. Seeing our vision come to life and the positive response from the community has been incredibly rewarding."

The introduction of Co-op's own brand products is a key element of our new store's offering.
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