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Football frenzy hits fever pitch in North Yorkshire

If World Cup fever hadn’t already hit North Yorkshire hard enough it has now thanks to a fabulous football donation to local players.

Scarborough-based supermarket Proudfoot met with FC Seamer Juniors and Scarborough Ladies FC to present them with 48 footballs ahead of the big match tonight.

Donated to Proudfoot by Coca Cola, to commemorate the World Cup and England’s progress through to the semi-finals, the balls were kicked across to the two local teams to ensure they have a good supply to ensure they can score their way through next season.

Owen Willis, Treasurer and coach at Scarborough Ladies FC and coach at FC Seamer Juniors, said: “Scarborough Ladies FC and FC Seamer Juniors are very grateful for the continued support of Proudfoot as they look to encourage as many players as possible into the sport and retain their participation through the commitment of both clubs to equal game time and an ethos of player development over results.

“The footballs are just fantastic and everyone here is looking forward to the football tonight and send our very best wishes to Gareth Southgate and his team.”