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Former Co-op store in Stevenage transformed into Nisa Local

A former Co-op store in Stevenage has undertaken a modernising transformation and has reopened as a Nisa Local, leading to a significant increase in footfall.

Nisa retailer Bill Dhesi purchased the store in December 2023 after recognising the potential for a modern revitalisation. Upon buying the store, Bill realised that the interior was in need of an update in order to effectively showcase its product offering and draw local residents to the store. The store has since been updated with a Nisa Local fascia as well as a modern interior and store layout.

Following the refurb, the store has had an entire overhaul of its interior. The store has been fitted with the latest modern food storage facilities, allowing the high-quality offerings to be properly showcased. It has also been fitted with a modern Food to Go area which consists of a bakery, a hot food offering, as well as a Costa takeaway coffee machine.

Bill adds that the Food to Go area is a prominent part of the store and has led to a significant rise in footfall, especially amongst young adults. The store also has a brand-new top of the range Skwishee machine which has proved popular amongst the younger generations.


Since reopening, the store has experienced high levels of footfall. Bill attributes this in part to the presence of Co-op Own Brand goods being sold in the store.

“The Co-op brand is highly recognisable which ensures customers know they’re buying high quality goods. It’s also advantageous that the store was previously a Co-op as this ensures continuity of our offering as well as allowing us to make the most of our customer’s loyalty to the brand.

“Sometimes when stores switch fascias they can experience a drop in footfall; we haven’t seen this, and I do feel that the Co-op brand has helped with this”.

The store's refurbishment has been met with enthusiasm from the local community.

Bill added: “The local community have been really on board with the refurbishment of the store. The new offerings and facilities have appealed to a wide variety of customers and have led to a significant increase in footfall. Our elderly customers have enjoyed the refurbishment and are also making use of the Post Office facilities we have in store.”

The Co-op brand is highly recognisable which ensures customers know they’re buying high quality goods.
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