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Fresh start sees sales leap in Leeds

A Leeds convenience store has seen annual sales increase by an incredible 25 per cent after a raft of changes were introduced that has driven shopper spend.

Mehul and Asha Patel have been running the Swinnow Lane store for almost two decades, independently for many years before first joining a symbol group in 2016.

However, in the spring of 2018 the pair were tempted to move to Nisa and since then basket spend has increased enormously and shopper satisfaction is still growing.

Asha said: “We have introduced so many new lines, especially within chill, and our customers are so happy.

“We are finding that we can really help our customers out. If they ask for something, we’re able to find it from Nisa and as a result our shoppers are spending more with us. They are not just popping in for the odd item anymore, they are picking up a basket and filling it.”

Fresh produce is selling particularly well, and the couple work closely with Nisa’s Fresh Food Development Managers to ensure the range is right for their shopper demographic.

“We’ve added lines that we have never previously had available to us such as lactose free milk after a customer requested it and we are continually bringing in new products – a lot is based on customer demand as well as advice from the Nisa team.”