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Great start in Greenock

A retailer who opened his first store with Nisa just weeks before the outbreak of Covid-19 is celebrating the end of three months of trading with sales exceeding all expectation.

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Harry Ahmed launched his Nisa Local in Greenock at the start of March, moving into a 1,500 sq.ft. brand new, purpose-built unit.

Having studied the area and gathered feedback from future customers in preparation for the opening of his store, Harry knew there was great potential, but he had not factored in a global pandemic.

Harry said: “I always knew the store would be successful. I know the area and did my research, but it would have taken longer to succeed than it has – that’s down to coronavirus.”

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Before opening, weekly sales were predicted to be around £14k but after just two weeks sales were 50% higher than that and then Covid-19 took effect and sales rocketed further.

“It has been incredible. I got thrown right in at the deep end and it has been a challenge, but it’s been enjoyable and sales have been brilliant,” said Harry.

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The store is in the heart of a large residential area, close to a high school and with added services including F’real milkshakes, Costa Coffee and Skwishee, along with a full fresh range in 10 metres of chilled space, footfall is high and has continued to climb since opening day.

A Post Office counter is still to be installed once lockdown measures are relaxed and home deliveries will commence in the coming weeks – all part of the plan to continue growing the business.

Harry said: “I will be focusing on the Post Office, the delivery service and the introduction of desserts. A combination of all three will help ensure we continue trading this strongly and if we concentrate on these three elements, I believe we can keep getting better.”