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Happy holidays at Haven after radical range review

Holidaymakers and owners of holiday homes at parks run by Nisa partner Haven Holidays, will find a much bigger choice in the park shops this season following a range overhaul which will help to keep them safe as well as satisfied during their stay.

A major piece of work - which has seen product range in park stores grow by almost 14% - has now been completed with one of Nisa’s largest partners to ensure its stores respond to the changing demands of shoppers in light of the pandemic.

Haven Holidays, which operates 37 parks across the UK, and is supplied by Nisa, has just re-opened to holidaymakers and holiday home owners in England, following a full closure imposed by the government as part of lockdown measures.


With a raft of new guidance in place to allow people to holiday safely, shopping habits at holiday parks will change and to reflect this all Haven stores have undergone a major range modification to accommodate shopper needs.

In order to keep guests safe and on site, the park stores offer has been altered to make it more in keeping with a regular convenience store with meal solutions, fresh produce and promotions all playing a key part.


Category management manager at Nisa, Ross Wright said: “We knew the shops on the parks would need a complete overhaul to provide customers with an offer more aligned to that of a traditional convenience store, and less around holiday missions.

“All park shops therefore have been ranged to better fulfil the evening meal mission with products that can be prepared in a caravan with little preparation and in a small oven or microwave.”

Nisa’s category management team spent three weeks in June reviewing the range categories and planograms previously created for Haven and supplied them with new chill plans as well as amending existing ambient plans to help align them with convenience store plans.

Hundreds of plans, across all categories, have been refined and modified to make them fit for purpose with a major emphasis on chill products that has seen an increase from pre-Covid levels of 349 chill SKUs to 580 SKUs today – a boost of 66%.


The number of Co-op own label products has increased with the chill range growing from 168 SKUs pre-Covid to 406 now and the overall Co-op brand across all categories has increased from 396 to 705.

The new strategy was initiated by Eleanor Whalley, Head of Shops for Haven, in anticipation of changed customer behaviour as a direct result of Covid-19.

By making these changes we hope to encourage our guests to do their shopping on-site which makes life easier for them

“We knew many of our holiday home owners and holidaymakers would still be feeling nervous about going to the big supermarkets and unable to enjoy going to pubs and restaurants. It was important we responded to these changes by making sure we gave our guests the reassurance of Co-op branded goods, plenty of easy meal solutions, great value meal deals and reasonable prices, to reflect the experience they would have in their local convenience store.

“By making these changes we hope to encourage our guests to do their shopping on-site which makes life easier for them and eases pressure on the local amenities too. It’s only our first week but early signs are positive, and we have seen significant like for like growth in basket spend.”

Scott Sandford, Nisa’s key account manager said: “It has been a brilliant team effort from Nisa and our partners at Haven and we’re confident holidaymakers will be really pleased with the new offer in the park shops. We wish them every success with their new season.”

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