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High hopes for new Nisa

The highest in-store standards and first-class customer service are winning shoppers over at a convenience store in Linwood, Paisley where the final touches are being made before it officially re-launches as a Nisa Local this summer.

Six months after buying the store with his family, Nadeem Ahmed has made a raft of improvements to the shop which has seen sales grow every week since Christmas.

Nadeem believes the secret to success is his belief that customers deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and the highest standard of customer service is expected from staff, both in the way they treat shoppers and how they present the store.

“Presentation is really important – if you present something well it will sell,” said Nadeem. “First impressions really count and along with great customer service from our staff, we are offering our shoppers a great experience that keeps them coming back.” 

The store, which formerly traded as a Spar, has remained open to customers throughout the changeover with all work being carried out overnight or during quieter trading periods.

Nadeem said: “When we walked into the shop on day one there was just a handful of stock on the shelves. Nisa provided an emergency delivery and we took nine pallets and six cages that same day.

“It was still quite sparse, but we didn’t shut the shop down as we wanted our customers to keep coming in rather than taking their business elsewhere.”

The 3,000 sq.ft. store, has undergone a refit with the four long aisles that originally ran the full length of the store stripped out and new, higher shelving installed with a break to allow end bays to be incorporated mid-way down the aisle. 

Work has been done on the 11 and a half metres of chillers to ensure the range is right for the demographic and, working with Nisa’s Fresh Food Development team, all chilled goods have been re-laid to improve the shopper journey round the store.

The counter area has been replaced and a hot food service area and ice cream counter installed – both of which have been great sales drivers for the shop. And a self-service food to go area with coffee machine, Rollover and slush machine is under development.

“We have lots of shoppers who come in simply for the ice cream counter and the hot food, and they are buying other goods while they are in here,” said Nadeem.

“Sales are increasing every week and once the new Nisa fascia is erected outside and the signage inside the store is finished, we expect sales to grow even more.”