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Hot Opportunities from a Frozen Range

Nisa is supporting retailers to serve up sales in the frozen category with the launch of a new brochure featuring a raft of information and ideas to help bump up basket spend.

Packed with new products, cool deals, merchandising tips and planogram suggestions, the 56-page guide is part of a frozen launch which aims to help partners make more of the range available through Nisa.

Hot Opportunities from a Frozen Range Article Image

Claire Parker, Marketing Manager for Category Growth Wholesale, said: “As shoppers look to save money and reduce food waste, the frozen category is becoming increasingly important so we’re showing Nisa partners how stocking the right range can help to grow average frozen basket spend."

“Our new brochure helps bring together a balanced convenience range, unlock a value offer in a recession environment and shout about the Co-op difference in frozen.”

The new brochure shares a wealth of information and insights designed to more than double basket spend within the category, identifying opportunities to increase sales in key lines from ice cream and vegetables to meal solutions.

Retailers who download the new 2022 Frozen Brochure will discover the top ten products to stock in each category alongside merchandising tips, planogram recommendations, cool summer ice cream deals as well as hot new products.

Parker added: “By stocking the right products, in the right place, at the right time, we believe we can inspire and delight shoppers and make frozen the hottest category yet."

“This new brochure aims not only to showcase to partners the very latest lines available for them to stock, but also provide a suite of support, advice and resources to help make the very best of frozen in the months ahead.”

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