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Inspirational innovation from independent retailer


An award-winning Nisa retailer took things to a new level this weekend and demonstrated the real strength of the independent retail sector.

Frankie Ago, who, along with wife Adrienn, owns The Snooty Fox in Shalford, Surrey, was conscious of the need to serve his community whilst at the same time recognising the importance of protecting his staff.

In an effort to make both customers and shop workers safer, he has installed a hand washing station outside the community store complete with running water, soap and hand towels, going so far as to put the Snooty Fox store branding on the wastepaper bin.

And inside the store, Frankie has taken steps to minimise contact between customers and shop workers, crafting a purpose-built screen that fits round the counter. Frankie and Adrienn hope the bespoke innovation will offer both reassurance as well as protection for everyone using the store – whichever side of the counter they are situated. He said:

I feel we need to do this for the common good. It took about four days to complete from start to finish. I designed it all but then used a plumber to connect up the sink and a chippy to do the framework on the hygiene screening. I really hope it will be replicated in other shop entrances.

Richard Bishop, Nisa’s Retail Development Manager said: “Frankie and Adrienn are always forward thinking as well as always out to look after the community. This is such a brilliant idea. They really have shown just how fantastic independent retailers are and how they go the extra mile for the communities they serve, particularly at times of crisis.”