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Jisp’s scan & save technology now available in over 50 Nisa stores

Nisa Retail has increased the number of stores participating in Jisp’s Scan & Save national roll-out, bringing the total number to 54.

Scan & Save’s in-store digital voucher redemption system allows customers to save money on branded products by scanning barcodes with the Jisp app. Since its launch in September 2021, Scan & Save has helped Nisa retailers increase footfall, grow sales, and build customer loyalty. Retailers also earn 2p every time a customer taps an AR voucher, along with a further 4p for every redemption.

Greg Deacon, Chief Customer Officer at Jisp said: ‘’We’re thrilled to see our first milestone achieved with Nisa, bringing this exciting new way to shop in-store, on mobile and online to over 50 Nisa stores. From a standing start, we’ve already had 3,000 shoppers use Jisp across partner stores and over 2,000 repeated visits. A great way for retailers to attract new shoppers, drive loyalty and increase revenues’’

Jisp’s scan & save technology now available in over 50 Nisa stores Article Image

Scan & Save has delivered an impressive 111,094 scans, 52,396 taps, and 43,427 redemptions, disrupting the retail industry and evolving it digitally to support independent convenience stores. Nisa retailers have accumulated a combined discount redemption value of £48,248 with 2,076 repeat redeemers since implementing Scan & Save in-store. The average Jisp shopper is adding 2.5 items to the basket and saving on average £3.10 on every visit. The top performing retailers are already seeing on average £1.4k a week in RSV with Scan & Save.

James Taylor, Head of Central Operations at Nisa, said: “It’s brilliant to see a growing number of Nisa partners adopting the Scan & Save initiative. It is helping retailers increase sales and they are reporting product volume uplift as well as improved shopper loyalty which is all very positive news. We’ll continue to work closely with Jisp to roll out Scan & Save and ensure all our partners are aware of the clear benefits this very simple solution offers.”

Scan & Save has also assisted retailers’ relationships with brands, seeing an increase in cases ordered from 5% to 500% since September on leading lines. The top redeemed products include, I Heart Pinot Grigio, Galaxy Ripple, Coca-Cola and Pringles Original Crisps.

To find out more about Scan & Save, visit Jisp.