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Local store forges fruitful friendships with schoolchildren

A local retailer in Heysham near Morecombe, Lancashire has forged new relationships with the younger members of his shopping community and taught them a lesson about healthy eating at the same time.

James Brown, owner of Nisa Local Heysham - Beech Stores, donated apples, pears, blueberries and raspberries to the local primary school for them to enjoy at the after-school club.

James, who opened the store this summer, said he wants his shop to be a central part of the local community and working with the nearby primary school was a natural step.

“Having a three-year-old daughter myself I know it’s hard to get children to choose a healthy option and get them to have their five a day,” he said.

“I wanted to show children that when they come into our shop, as well as the sweets and crisps we sell, there are lots of fresh and healthy choices.

“Handing over the fruit was a joy and gave a really great feeling of community spirit when the children came to collect it. I hope to be able to do more things with the school in the future because I think the local shop should be an integral part of the community.”

The fruit was handed over to a group of children from Trumacar Primary School earlier this week when they visited the store. The school later posted photographs on social media of the children enjoying the fruit at the after-school club.