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Making more of an offer at Maypole

A West Midlands forecourt has been totally transformed from a compact kiosk style offering into a fully stocked Nisa Local convenience store.

Maypole Service Station, located in Maypole Lane, Birmingham was an established forecourt previously focusing on the fuel side of the business. However the site had not been operating for a couple of years when it was purchased for development.

The kiosk that previously stood on the site at circa 400 sq.ft. has now been demolished and in its place is a 1,300 sq. ft. store, fitted out to the latest Nisa Local Evolution specification.

Making more of an offer at Maypole front of store with Nisa Local fascia

Store Development Manager, Dave Needham, said: “The new store has almost tripled the selling space for the retailer and so that has allowed for a much-improved offer, moving away from the snacking to a comprehensive grocery offering.”

Launched in April and offering a full convenience range including a strong Co-op own brand presence coupled with Co-op branding both in and outside the store, the store sales have increased dramatically in line with the broader range available to shoppers.

The beers, wines, and spirits category sells well and while the fresh offer is still being refined as shopper awareness grows, the store has started off well and has a promising future.

Making more of an offer at Maypole in-store stocked shelves with crisps, snacks and soft drinks

Store manager, Yogi Moorthy, said: “Sales are growing week on week which is very good. We have worked on our range and made some changes to the original offer that works better for the store, and it is going in the right direction.”

Open 24 hours a day, serving through a hatch from 10pm, the early signs are good for the business with the word starting to spread locally about the vastly improved offer.

Making more of an offer at Maypole in-store stocked fridge chillers with dinner time meal deal products

Stuart Hawkes, Nisa Induction Manager who is supporting the retailer, said: “The transformation is truly incredible from what it was before to what it is now. When the customers get in and walk the store, they can see for themselves what is now on offer to them.”

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