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Meeting expectations of the modern shopper

A bustling Nisa store, situated on the doorstep of a university campus, has been given a fresh new look to ensure the student shoppers who use the shop continue to flock through the doors and drive sales.

The Nisa Local in Moor Lane, Preston, has been converted to Nisa’s latest Store of the Future Evolution fascia and the eye-catching grey and yellow colours and modern signage have been well received.

Store owner Vinnay Mistry, is delighted with the latest update to his 3,000 sq.ft. store which he says makes it stand out from the crowd and meets expectations of his largely young, student customer base.

He said: “Being so close to the university, a high proportion of my customers are students and they expect to see a modern, up to the minute store – both in what we look like as well as what we sell.”

In addition to updating the external fascia and window graphics, the internal signage and counter in the store have been replaced and brick effect décor added to the walls. 

And while the seven-year-old store was well maintained and already very tidy, the steps taken to improve the look and feel for shoppers has been warmly welcomed.

Vinnay said: “Shoppers love the grey and yellow Nisa fascia and I think it has much more impact and stands out.”

The biggest change for the store has been the changes made to the internal signage within the shop itself.

“It’s quite a large convenience store and before, shoppers would come in and might struggle to find what they were looking for and so left without buying,” said Vinnay. “Because people are there for convenience they can’t be bothered to search and so it’s really important to provide as much help as we can to direct them to where they want to be and don’t lose the sale.”

Modern graphics now highlight specific sections of the store and shoppers can more easily navigate the aisles to find what they are looking for.

Vinnay added: “I look after the store well and have a good cleaning schedule and regularly re-merchandise different areas of the store. For me, converting the store to the very latest fascia and giving it a fresh look that is bang up to date, has helped us to keep up with the times and deliver exactly what our customers expect.”