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Modernising Milford Haven with Express fascia

A refit at a compact Nisa store in Pembrokeshire has given the shop a new lease of life and transformed a small corner shop into a spacious convenience store.

The new Nisa Express Hakin in Milford Haven has undergone a complete refurbishment to make best use of the 950 sq.ft. selling space with a creative design that offers much more space to incorporate an improved offer to shoppers.

Every fixture and fitting in the store has been replaced, with only the original flooring remaining, and the layout of the shop changed to create a more useable space, enabling owner Karan Balagrishna to incorporate a strong fresh and food to go offer that was previously not possible.

Modernising Milford Haven with Express fascia Front of store with new Nisa fascia

“We have re-fitted the whole shop and because of all the changes that we have made to the design we have been able to increase the range. It is much more of a convenience offer now with so many more products."

“I think it looks really good and our customers think so too. It was definitely a worthwhile investment, and the new layout really works well for everyone."

“Everything from the Nisa Express fascia and the window graphics to the new layout which is better for our customers. We are getting new customers as well as our old ones and people like coming in and looking around.”

Promotions are more visible, helping to drive sales and coupled with the expanded range and addition of new Co-op lines and chilled categories, sales have shot up by a third in the first few weeks of trading.

“In my opinion the refit has been done really well - it’s a really good job and I am very pleased with it and so are the customers.”

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