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New Nisa for Leicester

Leicester has seen the launch of a superb convenience store offering the local community a one-stop shop for all their grocery as well as food on the go needs.

The new venture by successful independent retailer Rav Garcha opened in Hinckley Road last month following a transformation leading to the unveiling of a superb store.

Formerly a Sainsburys Local, the shop had been vacant for six months, but Garcha, who operates a series of stores across the Midlands area, believed it presented a good opportunity and is optimistic for the business.

“This isn’t just about putting a new sign above the door. The aim is to impress and really hit our shoppers with the wow factor as soon as they walk in,” he said.

Situated on a busy main road heading into the city, the site has been refurbished with new counters and chillers installed, contemporary lighting and an impressive food and drinks to go display creating a key focal point for the store.

New Nisa for Leicester Article

The offer includes a Pret Express coffee-to-go solution, Hershey’s and Reese’s ice-cold chocolate drink, ice creams, milk shakes, freshly dispensed carbonated drinks as well as a cider dispensing option from regional supplier The Special Cider Company allowing shoppers to take away draft cider in kegs.

Rav has focused on renewing the immediate area around the entrance to the store ensuring it has the kerb appeal to attract shoppers through the door.

He said: “The store was in good condition and so we haven’t had to rip everything out. Instead I have paid attention to the entrance and the first third of the store with more chillers and exciting food to go including locally supplied products such as a samosa stand."

“I’ve opted for Pret Express for the coffee because I did not want one of the brands that you see everywhere; I wanted something different but still with a strong name."

“The machine offers two types of coffee with decaffeinated available, and normal milk as well as a plant-based option.”

The store also boasts a strong gluten free and sugar free range and extensive confectionery and eat at home treats such as popcorn and nachos.

A strong Co-op own brand offer has been incorporated in the range and Jisp has been launched, offering shoppers great savings via Scan and Save to help drive loyalty as well as cut prices and support cost of living crisis.

With a Tesco Express close by Garcha knows he needs to make an impact on shoppers, and he believes the strength of his independence will help him.

“We need to get people in the doors and looking around, see what we have on offer. And then we can get them back in habitually by building up our reputation and becoming the ‘go to’ destination.”

The store will be employing local people and Garcha plans to further enhance community ties by supporting Nisa’s Making a Difference locally charity and giving back whenever possible.

“We want to become an integral part of the community round here. Leicester is my university city, and it feels like home from home for me, so I am really excited about this store.”

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